Stupid! With Patrick Lenton

A fortnightly column from culture journalist Patrick Lenton. If there is a Venn diagram that includes pop-culture, comedy writing, and queer culture, then this newsletter sits RIGHT in the centre of it, judging everyone else. I don't know how diagrams work!!!! Articles, reviews, interviews, about the latest in the intersection of TV, film, podcasts, online culture and other miscellanea, all through a queer lens. But not recaps! Those are for the main newsletter.

If I got trapped in the wilderness with my school chums, I would have cut my own leg off and eaten it
This show is all about saying sorry for party rocking
I thought I wanted these buff koreans to snap my spine, but turns out I want them to snap me out of it (it being my flop era)
the new harry potter game has become a flashpoint for cultural debate about trans rights. you also can't spell "legacy" without "legs" and "ass".
I would fall in love with Murray Bartlett because he looks like a really fungi
if the zombie apocalypse comes, do not beep me, I am not going to engage!
the entire film is about a woman who doesn't know how to relate to kids... and a homicidal uncanny-valley robot too i guess. It's very relatable.
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