Rebecca Shaw is a beloved internet lesbian, writer of TV and jokes and articles. Patrick Lenton is a tolerated online bisexual, an arts and culture writer and editor, as well as an author. Together, they love to watch queer tv and film, and engage with them in very silly ways.

Bec and Patrick love to write about film, TV, podcasts, celebrities, and online nonsense - especially the queer intersection of it all. They have also recapped The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise shows for many years, originally for Junkee.

If you love our recaps of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor On The Island (I forget the name) then this is where we do them now!!!! We will also recap other television! We are funny!!!!

All the Heterosexual Nonsense started out as a recap site, and has now grown! We have new writers, guest authors, news and reviews and culture - all through a queer lens. There’s just so much to get delivered into your fancy little inbox.

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Rebecca Shaw and Patrick Lenton watch TV and make our silly little jokes.


Patrick Lenton 

Patrick Lenton is a writer and author living in Melbourne.

Natalie Feliks

Hyper gay trans feminist squirrel who loves chocolate

Bec Shaw